Off-form floor slabs

Our enterprise manufactures a wide range of floor slabs by applying the extrusion method on the up-to-date technological line for the off-form slab formation manufactured by the company «Nordimpianti System S.r.l.» (Italy). Such multi-cavity prestressed slabs made of heavy concrete by applying the method of continuous long-line extrusion process *. Off-form floor slabs may be used for arrangement of structural elements of a building or facility floors and ceilings intended for various application. Slabs manufactured by applying the extrusion method are used in construction of residential and industrial facilities which have bearing walls made of bricks or blocks, as well as in half-timbered and half-timbered - cast-in-place facilities. Slabs may be used as floor slabs in buildings that are being constructed in compliance with the current design requirements. They are as an alternative to slabs manufactured by applying conveyor-type production method or conveyor technologies.

Special features

Extrusion process is the technology used for the manufacture of reinforced concrete products by pressing the concrete solution through molding cavities.

  • Slabs are manufactured from heavy concrete in compliance with DSTU B.V.2.7-43-96, average density from 2200 to 2500 kg/m3 and strength category to pressure from В30 to В50. Slab length depends on their thickness and maybe the following:
  • Figure 1. Thickness 220 mm: from 4,0 m to 11,0 m
  • Figure 2. Thickness 320 mm: from 8,0 m to 15,5 m
  • Figure 3. Thickness 400 mm: from 10,0 m to 18,5 m
  • Figure 4. Thickness 500 mm: from 12,0 m to 20,0 m
  • Design thickness of the slab – 1200 mm.
  • Characteristic values of uniformly distributed temporary loads on slabs (excluding own weight of slabs), depending from their length and thickness, is ranging from 250 to 2000 kg/m2. In lifting and carrying out erection operations with loopless slabs, special traverse with clip-on chucks must be applied (Figure 5)