Catalog of individual precast concrete products

Advantages of using of individual precast concrete

Low operating costs

Possibility of preliminary production of frame elements before the beginning of works on the construction site.
No electric welding work.
Possibility of carrying out installation works at low temperatures.

Installation speed

Ease of connection of elements.
Reduced number of installation operations and people on the construction site.

Project efficiency

Arbitrary design of a frame structure.
Ability to overlap large spans (up to 33 m).
Minimum material consumption of structures.

Fire resistance

Ensuring fire safety requirements for structures without additional special measures to increase fire resistance.

Reduced construction costs

No need for additional equipment of reinforced concrete frame elements without the threat of their damage by atmospheric influences.
The inner surfaces of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements are almost not prone to damage and are well washed.

High Quality and Aesthetics

Quality of designs is guaranteed by factory production.
Prefabricated reinforced concrete elements can take any shape, size and color, while maintaining the high quality of the product surface.

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