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L-shaped beams and T-shaped beams

Interfloor L-shaped and T-shaped beams are used as standard floor beams. As the flange of beam is located in the top area the beam height above the floor is reduced making them more attractive for application in civil buildings, commercial and recreation centers.


Permissible load for floor beams is defined as the sum of constant loads from floor structures and temporary, long-term or short-acting loads. Floor slabs are recommended to lean on beam flanges via neoprene inserts, but the use of cement-sand mortar is also allowed.

  • High load bearing capacity;
  • Ndividual approach to design;
  • I degree of fire resistance.
Типові розміри
L / мм / LO / мм / B / мм / H / мм /
4500-18000 4200 – 17700 300 – 900 300 – 1300