Bridge beams

Bridge beams are intended for construction, reconstruction and repair of highway bridges. Kovalska ICG produces prestressed I-shaped bridge beams for prefabricated monolithic reinforced concrete spans of bridges and overpasses, which are designed for current temporary loads A-15, NK-100 as per requirements of DBN V.1.2-15:2009 “Bridges and pipes. Loads and effects”. When arranging the transverse dimension of the structure, the maximum pitch in the axes between the beams is as follows: for beams with a height of 1.1 m — not more than 1.9 m; for beams with a height of 1.5 m — not more than 1.6 m. The minimum thickness of the roadway monolithic slab is 20 cm. Beton Complex Plant also produces other elements that are used for the construction of bridges and roads, namely: driving piles, headwall blocks, cornice blocks, bridge boards, stair flights, attachment blocks, backwalls, transition slabs, road slabs, trays, utility network rings, elements of pedestrian underpasses, curb blocks, individual structures. In 2017, Darnytskyi Reinforced Concrete Constructions Plant, JSC started production of bridge beams with a length of up to 33 meters.

Certification and Quality Control

BB-24 and BB-33 bridge beams have undergone a series of special tests and examinations to obtain a certificate of conformity (No. UA 1.003.0173568-11). Structures are manufactured in accordance with state building regulations: DSTU BV 2.6-2:2009 "Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Products. General Specifications” and are certified by the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy. The certificate was issued by the state certification body of Ukrmetrteststandart, SE on the basis of test reports* conducted by the research department of the Research Institute of Building Structures. In addition, the quality service of the laboratory of Beton Complex maintains comprehensive control over the quality of raw materials and products at all production stages: input, operational and output control. This allows getting the highest quality of the final product.

Beam Length, mm
up to 33000