Foundation pockets

Foundation for frame structures may be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete and castinplace version. The disadvantage of the latter is the complexity of maintaining the required accuracy of arranging the cast formwork for high-density reinforcement concrete and high labor input at the construction site. Application of foundation pockets makes the construction and operation much economic and considerably increases its rate. A prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation pocket is installed on the lean concrete base by mounting pipes. It has connection bars, which are concreted together with the slab part of the foundation, which ensures precision of its design position and reliable connection with the foundation structures. It is possible to prefabricate a foundation pocket with the slab part.

Special features

The Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group has developed sets of foundation pockets for columns of different sizes and types, as well as pockets for structures with expansion joints. Foundation pockets are designed for the installation of columns with a cross section from 300 x 300 mm to 600 x 600 mm. Foundation pockets of three main types are being manufactured: single, double (if expansion joints are necessary) and quadruple pockets (in the case of expansion joints intersection). In addition, it is possible to manufacture individual foundation pockets for columns with a larger cross section.



Type А, mm В, mm Н, mm С, mm Weight, t Maximum Column Size, mm
1950 1000 1000 900 190 1,325 500
1990 1160 1160 1000 220 1,955 600
1995 1160 2160 1000 220 3,445 600
1999 2160 2160 1000 220 6,025 600
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