Prefabricated reinforced concrete columns are used both for single-story buildings and facilities and as well as for the multi-storied buildings. Columns are designed to receive load from elements of floor, ceiling and fencing constructions.

Special features

Prefabricated reinforced concrete columns may have a cross-section from 300 x 300 to 1000 x 1000 mm with different side ratios. Length of a single column: L <= 18 m. To perform the beam system of covering and flooring, consoles of various sections and shapes, as well as individual forms of column heads, are arranged on the columns. Concrete compression strength class: up to B60 inclusive.

  • I degree of fire resistance;
  • Architectural concrete surface without the need for further finishing;
  • High load bearing capacity;
  • Individuality shapes and sizes for a specific customer;
  • Accuracy of geometric dimensions.