Water well rings

Water well rings are employed directly for the construction of water wells of different designations. The use of concrete rings is convenient and cost-efficient. A water well of reinforced concrete rings is durable, possesses simple structure, is reliable and eco-friendly. Water well rings are designed as units of buried structures operated below and above the subterranean water level in non-aggressive or slightly aggressive environments under the impact of the surrounding soil. The “C” index in the marking stands for the presence of holes for stair staples.

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Special features

Customized finishing accessories can be manufactured concrete rings 300 mm high and 600 mm.

  • Ease of use;
  • Low cost compared to alternative materials.
Product brand Sizes, mm Concrete class Volume of concrete, m3 Product weight, kg
L L1 B H
КС  10.9 C 1160 1000 80 890 B15 0,24 600
КС  15.9 C 1500 1680 90 890 B15 0,40 1000
КС  20.9 2200 2000 100 890 B15 0,59 1475