Engineering network troughs

Engineering network troughs are used in the construction of industrial and civil property for the mounting of pipelines of different purposes: for the arrangement of underground channels (utility and cable ones) of external and internal workshop utility lines. Trough channel structures may be used in regular soil environment.

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Special features

The use of engineering network troughs significantly extends the lifespan of communications, as well as facilitates the process of their replacement or repair. A wide range of troughs allows to choose the right option for a particular project.

  • Speed of installation ;
  • Possibility of manufacturing products of individual sizes.
Product brand Design load, t / m2 Sizes, mm Concrete class Volume of concrete, m3 Product weight, kg Deepening, m
L B/B1 H/H1
Л 4-8/2 8,0 2970 780/620 530/450 B15 0,352 880 0,5
Л 4-15/2 15,0 2970 780/620 530/450 B15 0,352 880 4,0