Rectangular chief beams

Rectangular chief beams found their application in the construction industry as connecting bearing structural elements. The chief beam cross-section is determined by the loads applied to interfloor overlapping. Popularity of reinforced concrete chief beams and their application in bearing structures is determined by the product strength, reliability and life.

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Special features

Chief beam grade are including letter-digit groups separated by hyphen. The first group denotes the purpose of the chief beam (PRG – rectangular section chief beam) and dimensions (length, width, height), rounded to the decimeter. Another group includes digital designations of the design load (without taking into account own weight) expressed in tons per meter and rebar category

Product brand Estimated load Dimensions Concrete class Weight of product, kg
ПРГ 60. 2. 5-4АШ 4000 5980 200 500 В25 1500
ПРГ 36. 1. 4-4АШ 4000 3380 120 400 В20 425
ПРГ 32. 1. 4-4АШ 4000 3180 120 400 В20 375
ПРГ 28. 1. 3-4АШ 4000 2780 120 300 В20 250