Stair platform is a horizontal section located between two flights of stairs. The length of a stair platform usually equals to the width of the staircase, and its width, to the stair flight width. A reinforced concrete platform is a solid and reliable construction. According to safety rules and technical specification, stair platforms endure the load of up to 3.6 kPa. A stair platform is made of heavy concretes with the pressure-resistance durability grade no lower than B15.

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Special features

Stair platforms are designed in accordance with the technical requirements of DSTU B.V.2.6-62:2008. They are intended for use in conjunction with stairs at a calculated temporary load of 480 kgf/m2 without taking into account their own weight. Stair platforms are intended to be supported by transverse walls of the staircase. Platforms are produced unfinished at a height of 10 mm with the upper surface to be subsequently tiled, or for use without further finishing.

  • Speed of installation ;
  • accuracy of geometric dimensions ;
  • I degree of fire resistance.
Product brand Design load, t / m2 Sizes, mm Concrete class Volume of concrete, m3 Product weight, kg
L L1 B H
2ЛЛ 22.12-4к 0,36 2480 2200 1300 330 В15 0,414 1035
2ЛЛ 25.12-4к 0,36 2780 2500 1300 330 В15 0,419 1225
2ЛЛ 25.14-4к 0,36 2780 2500 1600 330 В15 0,540 1350